Technology has innovated our traditional industries, opening new discruptive bunisesses. Therefore one of our main investment target is this area


Viettime Holding’s businesses focus on urban real-estate and industrial real estate, mainly in Hung Yen province, Thai Nguyen, Hanoi & HoChiMinh city.


A place where opportunities & Vietnam entrepreneurs network connected


Viettime Holdings is an investment manegement company, operating mainly in Technology, Real Estate and Services. Viettime Holdings has a fast, sustainable & effective growth rate especially in making the best benefit from emerging opportunities in Vietnam. Viettime Holdings has offices in Vietnam (Hanoi & Hochiminh City) & Singapore.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, as well as the prolictical and economic center of the countryHoChiMinh city is the leading city in both economic scale and population in VietnamHung Yen province is the most potential industrial focus center in the North Vietnam

Thai Nguyen province is the leading province in mineral resources in Vietnam.Quang Nam province has Ngoc Linh moutain, which is the origin of Ngoc Linh ginseng (Vietnam’s national treasure)

Completed Projects

Phohien House is an urban area located at the center of Hung Yen city, Hung Yen province. Phohien House was built with completed infrastructure such as shopping malls, kindergartens, schools, medical centers and utility services to meet the increasing needs of modern residents. The project also contribute to expanding the lively landscape and creating a modern and civilized appearance for Hung Yen city.

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Ongoing Projects

Phonoi House is a mordern and newly developed urban area, including a complex of low-rise residents, conmmercial townhouses, high-rise appartments, shopping centers and other ultility facilities such as kindergartens, schools, dino park, riverside promenade…

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Future Projects

Các dự án sắp triển khai tại Hà Nội, TP. Hồ Chí Minh, Hưng Yên… với các loại hình dự án như Dự án kho công nghệ cao, Dự án cụm công nghiệp, Dự án khu đô thị…

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Tan Sang Co., Ltd., which is the predecessor of Viettime Holdings, was established.Its main business was providing for entrepreneurs IT solutions & services


Viettime Holdings established Tan Sang Joint Stock Company, mainly engaged in real estate businesses.Invested in the “Phohien House” urban project, with the scale of 300 assets including: villas, townhouses & appartments.


Established PT Industrial Park Jsc., mainly operated in industrial businesses.Invested in Dragon Pearl Industrial Park, with the scale of 150 ha.Established Tan Sang Entertainment & Service Company, which engaged in golf service business. Invested in building Viettime Golf Club in Cau Giay District, Hanoi, which is 100m from the US Embassy.


Established Thai Nguyen Infrastructure Investment and Development Jsc.,Invested in “Viettime residential area” project in Thai Nguyen province


Invested in “Phonoi House” urban project in Hung Yen with the scale of 1,800 houses including: villas, townhouses, shop houses & apartments.


Invested in Vaenco Company, which researches biotechnology & has owned many patents.


Viettime Holdings will become an investment company with the mission of generating stable benefit for our investors, offering the best products and services for our customers.


Business with responsibilityOur long-term sustainability business is boosted and fostered from the highest level of our organization, through a strong corporative governance and a prudent risk management.Through our integrated business model, we highly seek to improve both quality and quantity of our benefit with more recurring and stable income. Royal profitabilities are enhanced with active capital recycling. Our strong bonded corporation with our value stakeholders increases their sustainability performance, while boosting our innovation and seizing new arise opportunities.People & CommunityPeople are the foundation of our business. We commit to provide a safe and healthy work place, to invest in employee’s education and training, to help them explore to their full potential.We commit to enhance community quality wherever we operate, to support idea and initiatives that protect the environment, promote education or care for the less fortunate people. Our goal is to build a sustainable future together.

Hanoi: Viettime Building, Duong Dinh Nghe street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi, Viet NamHochiminh City : LK7-39 Sai Gon Mystery, Binh Trung Tay ward, District 2, Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
024 3512 1780